“Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” | Motivational Monday

Monday 3 November 2014

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to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make something else

If I asked you to describe yourself in 5 words, could you? How long would it take for you to pick 5 words which define who you are? If your words are indefinite, does this mean you don't know yourself, but does anyone truly know themselves? Is it your nationality, the clothes you wear, the things you like, or your best qualities and flaws that make you, or are you defined by the job you do or your status in society.


Growing up, especially through secondary school, as we are starting to become young adults, we are trying to understand ourselves and work out who we really are. I remember, like most people, wanting to be a part of the so called "popular crowd". I had a small group of friends who I spent most of my time with, but as we were not deemed as being "cool", I set my sights a little higher. I some how managed to crawl my way up to the "popular crowd" and found myself greatly disappointed; these weren't the people I wanted to be with. I did end up going back to my old group (yes I sound terrible but I learnt my lesson), and these were the people I wanted to surround myself with. We might not have been the group everyone wanted to join, but I loved being with them. You want to fit in and be a part of a group, while feeling like you need to change yourself to be accepted, but if you're having to change, who is being accepted into this group, because it's not really you. Maybe it's pretending to like a certain band so you can be included in conversations, or dressing like the rest of your group so you can just blend in, but who really wants to blend in?


I am now 24, and feel like I really know me. I know the good and bad things about myself, I know the things I like and don't like, but I am still being told what I should or shouldn't like. What is acceptable to do at my age, like there is some sort of age limit on certain things. Apparently, I am too old to like Hello Kitty, wear bows in my hair or like boybands. I think we get too caught up in the idea of growing up and leaving behind who we were, that we forget to take with us the best parts of who we are. I get ever so obsessed dedicated to my favourite bands, and this passion hasn't changed since I was a teenager, but apparently I am now too old to go to concerts and fan-girl get really excited, err I think not! I guess there are some things we grow out of, other things we like to keep; music is definitely one for me.


Fashion is a huge part of my life and for the most part, I like to stick to trends, but I still like to add an 'Aycan' spin on things. Don't ever feel like you can't wear what you like because it's not "in" this season. No matter how on trend you are, you're still going to look back in years to come and wonder whatever possessed you to wear that outfit, I guess that's all the fun. Embrace your inner swag (yeah, I really can't pull that word off), don't be a sheep, be a unique trend-setting sheep with an amazing personal style. Totally loving this idea of 'Sheep Swag'.

There is nothing wrong with being different. Embrace your inner unicorn - @helloaycan #lbloggers #inspiration


I think we are all guilty of trying to be "normal" around certain people or situations, which I guess is acceptable. I wish I could just walk down the streets of London and sing Whitney Houston power-ballads at the top of my voice and just fist grab the air for those every so passionate lyric, but some things, this example included, is best suited for the safety of your four walls. Be warned, if you're within my four walls, I will sing 'I Will Always Love You' at the top of my voice... you have been warned.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe

Everyone is always after something that is limited edition or special, but when it comes to people, we just want to be all the same. Is it weird that I find people who say they're 'normal' weird? What is normal though? It's like saying something is perfect; nothing is perfect nor is it normal. If someone said to me they're normal, maybe I am too quick to judge but I find that quite boring like it lacks personality.

If we all had similar personalities and liked the same things, how boring would the world be? We need to embrace who we are! Not wanting to be yourself incase you're judged is not truly being yourself. How will anyone know how amazing you are if you don't let it shine? Think of it this way, would you rather be a horse or a unicorn? I know you want to say a unicorn, but why? Because it's different! Yes horses are beautiful creatures but they aren't covered in glitter, smell like candy floss and go round pooping rainbows. I know some of you are thinking that unicorns aren't real, but they are. They're just too scared to come out as they're going to be judged for being different... *emails post to unicorns*.

  1. Be proud of who you are, never change for no-one. If they can't accept you for you, walk away.
  2. Don't be afraid to try something new in case you get 'judged'.
  3. Don't feel like once you reach a certain age you have to grow out of something.
  4. Never judge anyone. Ask questions and find out more.
  5. Trying too hard to be "quirky" and "different" is just as bad as being someone you're not.
  6. Dress how you like. Mix things up a bit, maybe you'll be the one setting the trends.
  7. There is nothing wrong with being different. Embrace your inner unicorn, get on your sheep swag and just be true to yourself!

Let me know in the comments below which 5 words you would use to describe yourself, and if you'd rather be a horse or a unicorn?