No Clogs Allowed | Soap & Glory Review

Saturday 21 June 2014

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soap and glory no clogs allowed face mask

Today I'm going to be reviewing the marvellously named 'No Clogs Allowed' by Soap and Glory; a super self heating deep pore detox mask r.r.p £11.50. I have to come clean and admit I have never used any sort of cleaning face mask before, but as I completely love their bath and body range, I thought I'd branch out to their skincare range. They have quite a few different types depending on your skin type, but I think like most people, I have chosen this mask because it is self heating! I have been using this product for a few months now, hence why the tube looks a little empty (don't worry, S&G haven't got stingy with their products), just so I could see the long-term changes.

soap and glory no clogs allowed face mask

The instructions are written on the box and are pretty self-explanatory, you "massage a grape-sized dab onto your face, then wet your hands and scrub until it turns blue and you feel heating. After 5 minutes rub it all off with a warm, wet washcloth". I wasn't expecting the heating feeling to be so intense. You get an initial shock from the heat but it then turns to a minty cooling feeling. I'm one of those people who when using a products, likes that uncomfortable, burning, tingling feeling, so you know that something is actually happening. One thing I didn't really notice is the colour changing. The mask is a bluey/white when you first put it on and when I scrubbed, I did notice little bright blue lines and the colour wasn't as white anymore. I'm not sure if this is exactly what is meant to happen but I was kind of excited to look like a Smurf.

soap and glory no clogs allowed face mask

Once you rub the mask off, you are left with a smooth, polished face. It's literally baby skin soft! Before I used this product, I would say I had quite oily skin (this product is for oily/combination skin) and after the first day, my skin is left smooth, but from the second day, I do notice a few dry areas on my face I didn't have before using the mask. It does say to use one a week, but I might decrease that to fortnightly to see how that affects my skin. As I said before, I had quite oily skin and never really used any face moisturiser as they would make my face feel oilier and heavy, but as this product is doing wonders to the oiliness, I think I might need to bring in a new face moisturising routine. I did have a few blackheads around the corners of my nose and even after the first use, I did notice them disappearing. I do make sure when using the mask to scrub around this area to make sure the surface-polishing microbeads are doing its job.

'No Clogs Allowed' @SoapandGlory is a super self-heating deep pore detox mask with colour changing technology #bbloggers


I will definitely be buying this product again. It's great value for money; you only use a small amount so it lasts months. It has completely given my skin a makeover, despite the dry areas, but it has encouraged me to start a new face moisturising routine. I encourage anyone with an oily skin type to try this product!

Let me know in the comments below if you've used this product or wanting to try. Also let me know any face masks or face creams you're loving at the moment as I am looking to try something new.