SanDisk iXpand Base Review*

Friday, 20 October 2017

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Last month I crossed another wish off my bucketlist, and was invited to my first ever bloggers event. It was the #BloggersFestival held at the beautiful Conrad London St. James hotel in London. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the faces behind the brands, and connect with new and exciting brands too. Despite my slight uncertainty at first, I'm so glad I attended. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I received an email from SanDisk, asking to review their latest product.

sandisk ixpand base

Now, I'm sure you can tell I don't usually review technology on here, but this is such a useful product, not only for those who blog, but also for those who love taking photographs on their mobile phone. Let's face it, that is the majority of us, but there is nothing I hate more than wanting to take a photo, and realising that I have zero space left. I'm sure we have all been there. I usually rundown a list of questions in my head trying to work out what needs to be deleted.

Wait! When did I download this app? Have I even used this?

How am I going to choose between this photos with my friends, and this cute photo of puppies?

I went to this concert 6 months ago, I'm sure I have it saved somewhere...

Do I actually really need to take this photo?

If you've ever had any of these thoughts, or similar, I have the perfect product for you. Let me introduce you to the the iXpand Base from SanDisk*. It allows you to charge your mobile phone, and back-up all your photographs and videos, automatically. That's right. Every time you plug your mobile in to charge, all of your photographs will be backed-up. There is no extra step. Once you plug your mobile in for the first time, you will get a notification asking to download the app. Once that is set up, you don't even need to think about backing up your photos again.

.@helloaycan is reviewing the iXpand Base from @SanDisk ‏

The app is very easy to use. Each time you plug your mobile in, it scans for any new photos, and backs-up. They're organised by month, making it very easy to find any photos you need. You can select the photos you want, click the 'restore' button, and they'll be back on your mobile. All the photos and videos are the exact same original quality, and it won't restore anything you already have saved, which is great if you're restoring a lot, and don't want any duplicates. You'll get a notification once your back-up is complete. I'm always forgetting to back-up my mobile, and I love how I can just plug it in to charge at night, and wake up with all my photos backed-up.

sandisk ixpand base

Call me old-fashioned but the Cloud scares me. Saving something that isn't physically there is always a worry for me; it might not be 100% safe, you could get hacked, or there is that monthly cost. With the iXpand Base, there is no Cloud. All of your images are saved onto a memory card. This can be removed and used on your computer if you want to upload onto your blog ect. As much as I love the fact it's saved on a memory card, the only way you can access your pictures is once you're plugged in. You're able to see a preview on the app, but nothing more. (Sometimes you can't see the preview, I'm not sure what factors affect this). This can be slightly annoying if you want to bring something up while you're out, but at least you have the piece of mind that your pictures will be there for you once you get home.

It's compact in size, so it's not much bigger than my iPhone 6 plus. You can rest your mobile on the soft rubber top, or just place your mobile down on the table. If you hate wires, you can wrap your lightning cable (this isn't included), around the rubber groove, so it's neatly packed away. The iXpand Base comes in 4 sizes ranging from 32GB to 256GB, and ranges in price from around £52 - £177. I am currently using the 32GB, and with 740 images, it has only used 5.15GB of space. If my calculations are right, you can get at least 4500 images backed-up.


I have been using the iXpand Base for a few weeks now, and I have really been enjoying it. It has become something that has just slipped into my routine without me having to do anything different. It is said to charge your mobile at 15W of power, but I didn't notice much difference than when using an Apple charger. It's a good addition, but if I was going to buy this product, I'd be more interested in the backing-up function, than the speed of the charging. The price is a little expensive, but if you're constantly taking photos, and running out of space, this will definitely make your life so much easier.

Let me know in the comment below what you think of the SanDisk iXpand Base.

*This product were sent to me by Porter Novelli London. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.