10 Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Friday, 21 July 2017

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You may be asking yourself why this summer wardrobe post is coming to you mid-July, and all I have to say is, there is technically over 2 months of summer left. (Plus I had a small case of the blogger blues, but I'm cured and happy to be bringing you this post a little later than scheduled.) Rummaging through my wardrobe to gather some inspiration for this post, it did become a realisation that my summer wardrobe is pretty extensive. Mainly because

A. I like to wear bright clothing and floaty dresses, which is a lot easier to buy during the summer season, so I guess I just stock up.

B. Let me be honest, my winter wardrobe is just my summer clothes worn with a jumper and tights.

fashion summer outfit flatlay

As you can tell, a summer wardrobe is my favourite season to shop for. With a few key pieces already in your wardrobe and inspiration from this post, you'll have the perfect collection of clothing to wear at home or on holiday. (Please let me know where you're going on holiday, not like I need any more help fuelling my wanderlust.) Everyone's style is very different, so I've put together 10 key pieces, styles or fabrications which you can tweak to fit your own style, or maybe it will even give you that little boost to try something new.


Let me be completely cliche here and start off with florals, but they really do depict summer is every single aspect. This design can run through anything in your wardrobe from your clothing, to your accessories, to your footwear. It doesn't have to be an oversized floral print that covers your entire look, embroidery is a huge trend this summer, so delicate ditsy detailing might be all you need.


I think the best part of the year to me is when you can put your boots at the back of your wardrobe, and bring out those sandals. Ok, I am slightly lying as I'm sure you've guessed I still wear some of my sandals even when it's cold. My favourite style of sandal is anything with a slight platform on it. It gives me a little height (which is always necessary), and it just feels more stylish than a flip-flip. I don't think I will be able to find anything I love more than my Dr Martens though.


About 50% 75% of my wardrobe is made up of smock dresses, and I literally can't get enough of them. There is this cute, feminine look you get from them, no matter what you style it with. You can pair them with sneakers, sandals or heels, or denim, suede or leather. I mean literally anything. The fabrics are usually lightweight and breezy, and also make a good beach cover-up.

Learning how to put together my summer wardrobe with @helloaycan


You say denim for summer? I say "oh yes". I actually say denim for every season. I became slightly over obsessed with denim last year, and it has just followed me ever since. The weather is sadly to warm (never thought I'd be complaining about the heat), to be wearing my oversized denim jacket, so alternatives are needed. My favourites are lightweight denim dresses, or an a-line skirt for a 90s feel, or for cooler days, cropped mom jeans.


Summer is the perfect excuse to bring out all the colours. Whether it's mixing bright block colours, or picking a few pastels, this is the easiest way to show the world that you are ready for the summer.


I am so in love with bardots at the moment! They have such a boho/70s feel about them. A great thing about bardots, is how versatile they are, and can be paired with anything already in your wardrobe for either a day or night look. My favourite outfit look for the day is to pair a pastel coloured bardot with a pair of white shorts and sneakers. For the night, a cropped lace bardot and midi skirt and sandal. If you're not a huge fan of complete bare shoulders, cold shoulders are a great alternative.


I feel that with summer, it's always about making a statement with fabrications. Very simple ways for this is wide leg pants or flared sleeves. Inspired by resortwear, it adds just that little bit of volume to your look. If you're feeling a little more daring, go for fringe or lace. A simple fringe cut can be added to a skirt or dress hems, and lace inserts in blouses or shorts gives your outfit a cool California vibe.

fashion summer outfit flatlay


Layering in the summer is as easy as throwing on a sheer shirt, a lightweight blazer, or a cropped sweater. You can even start off with a few basic pieces and use your layered piece to create the statement. Start off by looking through your winter wardrobe for anything lightweight and oversized.


Even though they're designed to be everything you hate (the things we do for fashion), I adore a playsuit for summer. They remind me a lot of beachwear, and again, they're very versatile from day to night. There are hundreds of styles available on the high street, whether you're looking for colour, print, or a play with fabrication.


I always feel like summer is the perfect excuse to go over the top with accessories; hats, bags, jewellery, we do need it all. Sometimes we like to keep things quite basic for the summer, especially if you're in a very very hot (not British) climate, and accessories are the easiest way to feel dressed up without making an effort. My go-to is always a statement bag.

Let me know in the comments below what is your go-to piece in your summer wardrobe.