How To Deal With A Band Break-Up

Monday, 20 March 2017

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There are 3 things a band can announce that produces uncontrollable heart palpitations:

  1. New music
  2. A tour
  3. And the worst thing ever, ever, ever, the band going on a "break"

Unlike Ross and Rachel's relationship on Friends, there are no guarantees whether it's just a "break", or an official break-up. You can seamlessly wait on social media looking for any sort of hint of a reunion, or you can cry on the inside (it's ok on the outside too) when the band members rekindle their love for each other with a tweet, but an important thing is, you have to move on. I know, I know, it's easier said then done but I've got your back. I've been through this a number of times and I know exactly what you're going through. Even though all you want to do is kidnap the band and make them sing to you on request (definitely not my idea), like with any other type of break-up, you need time to get your head around it and understand that everything, including yourself, will be alright.

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This is some pre-never-going-to-happen-split advice, and I guess this works with absolutely anything that involves your favourite band, but don't listen to the rumours. Rumours don't always come out of thin air, but journalist wants to sell their stories so they may twist absolutely any story to make the headlines. Just because they haven't released new music in a while, and have become suspiciously quiet on social media, it doesn't mean the worst thing is about to happen. They might be anticipating a new album, or having some quiet time before a global tour. Once you read something, it's hard to un-see it, and you may start thinking about it and coming up with a really bad, non-realistic conclusion, but there is really no point as it can all just be rumours. You know the band better than any journalist, go with your gut.


Once a spilt has been announced, your entire world feels like it's crumbling. You're never going to see your favourite band live again, or never hear brand new music. A huge part of your life is missing and it's important to mourn in whichever way suits you. You can spend endless hours crying into your pillow singing your favourite songs, or ripping up posters, which you later feel really bad about and attempt to tape them back together. You can rewatch tour clips you've recorded whilst eating endless tubs of ice-cream. You may even start to feel strong and positive about it and use this as a way of helping others by creating an online advice forum. You will go through phases of happiness and sadness, but do what you need to do to make you feel better. Take your time, you'll be ok. On a side-note, this totally reminds me of this scene in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen.

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Most things don't last forever, but the memories always will. Ok, that sounded really cheesy, but I know you'll agree with me that it is true. I always remember going to gigs, waiting hours queuing to get to the front, and of course meeting the bands. I have also made some of my closest friends through liking the same or similar bands. I'm sure they'll be in a heartbroken state too, so group together and share the support. If you're the creative type, put together a scrapbook with photos, tour tickets and note down your favourite memories. It also creates a great keepsake. Even though the bands are no longer together, those friendships and memories will remain with you always.


As well the positive points I mentioned above, there are so many things you can appreciate when a band breaks-up, such as gaining back the complete control of your money. You will spend a month eating pot noodles if it means you can get the ultimate VIP experience seeing your favourite band. You will now be able to save hundreds of pounds as there is no longer tours to save for, so spoil yourself rotten. You may even realise that working in the music industry is a career you would enjoy such as promotions or live music photography. If you really want to keep the band's memory alive and have some musical talent, start your own cover band.

If your favourite band breaks-up don't worry, @helloaycan has found ways to mend that broken heart 💔💔


Just because a band breaks up doesn't mean they're going to disappear from the face of the earth. They may remain in the music industry, or start a completely new career. No matter what they end up doing, you'll have many new ways to love and support, which means new memories, new friends and brand new experiences.

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How can you love an artist and know they will never break-up? Sadly you can't, unless you fall in love with a solo artist. A solo artist can never split away from themselves. They can go on a break, but you will always have the hope that he/she will come back. There is no band arguments or members leaving, what you see is what you get. You also don't have to pick a favourite, you can concentrate on one part of the stage, and you don't have to queue longer outside venues to meet lots of members, as there is only one.


This might seem like an unthinkable move, but it's ok to move onto something new. They only want what's best for you, and any band would be lucky enough to have you as a fan. Maybe don't focus on one band, but love many. We all know no matter how much you say you are never going to love another band again, or you are never going to get completely obsessed, or you are never going to spend all your money on 5 tickets to the same tour... we all know that you will, and you know it too. I've been like this since I can remember and I honestly don't think I will ever change, but I guess I like it that way.

This is a niche topic but I hope you can all relate to it in some way. Let me know in the comments below if your favourite band has broken-up and how you dealt with it.