DIY Shaker Christmas Card + Free Downloadable!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

If you haven't already noticed, I love a homemade Christmas. From making edible gift hampers, to styling my gift wrapping, things just look more personal and thought-out when they're homemade. One of my favourites is to make cards. We send endless amounts of cards every Christmas, so what's better than sending something a little different; a present shaker card filled with sparkles and a whole lotta Christmas vibes.

christmas present shaker card

Again, I have put together a very simple guide and have even included a free downloadable. Simply print out the download, trace the two sheets onto the corresponding material and stick them together. I have used the excuse of Christmas yet again to go OTT with shiny things with a mix of sequins and 'merry christmas' sprinkles. You can find Christmas sprinkles and sequins in craft shops, or you could make your own with metallic paper and a hole-punch. I've kept to using a traditional present shape as I love how it looks like the present is made up of little windows, but you can use the same concept for any Christmas inspired shapes such as a tree, baubles or snow globe. Grab all your craft materials and essential tools and let's get making!

Learning how to make christmas shaker cards with @helloaycan #blogmas

christmas present shaker card


  • Blank cards or card folded into a card
  • Printed Christmas theme card
  • Acetate or thin plastic sheet
  • Printed template onto thin card
  • Glitter card (or anything you'd like)
  • Sequins and sprinkles
  • Double sided tape or a glue stick
  • Doubled sided foam tape
  • String or twine
  • Scissor and craft knife
  • Hole-punch


  1. Print out the free download onto thin card and cut around each template with scissors and/or a craft knife. Trace the templates onto the correct materials as labelled and cut. If your printer is capable, you can print the first sheet straight onto the back of your card and then cut.
  2. christmas present shaker card guide
    With double sided tape or a glue stick, stick the present to the acetate around the frame and cross centre.
  3. christmas present shaker card guide
    Using double sided foam tape, stick around your present frame. If your tape is thin, you can use double layers. Place your present onto a flat surface and pour your sprinkles throughout the window. Carefully peel the backing, and place on your Christmas paper.
  4. christmas present shaker card guide
    Now it's time to join our card and super cool shaker present. Plan where you want your shaker to sit on your card (you can do a light pencil mark if it helps). Add double sided foam tape to the centre of your bow, and the edges of your ribbon. Using glue or double sided tape, attach your shaker to your card.
  5. christmas present shaker card guide
    Put your card to one side and bring back the label you cut out at the beginning of the tutorial. Using a hole-punch, punch a hole at the top of your label. Using whichever method you like, write a Christmas message. I have terrible handwriting so I've used a label maker to write a simple 'Merry Christmas'. Thread your string or twine into the hole and tie it round the ribbon. You now have a homemade Christmas card anybody would love to receive.
christmas present shaker card

Receiving a homemade card is so special, so let me know in the comments below your favourite homemade gift you've ever received or been given.

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