The Reasons Why I Don't Like Buying Clothes Online

Friday, 11 November 2016

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I like to try and keep things really positive around here, and don't get me wrong, there are so many things I love about online shopping; you can literally buy anything from anywhere in the world, you can do it while laying in bed, and you don't have to waste time waiting in queues.

But sadly, the negatives out ways the positives in this case. I don't think it's been just one bad experience that has made me feel this way, and I still buy my clothes online, but there are some things that I really don't like. I love fashion, and parting my well-earned money to purchase said fashion item is a big deal for me. I am filled with excitement as I receive an email saying my payment has been received and I wait patiently for my items to arrive... well that depends if and what arrives.


I guess this is a given when it comes to online shopping, but I like to feel my clothes before I buy them. There is nothing worse than spending a significant amount of money on something you expect to feel as beautiful as it looks, and when it finally gets to you, it's fabric from hell. It's either too shiny or too thin. It's worse when you have paid a lot of money expecting good quality and not receiving it.

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We all love a little risk in our lives, but that shouldn't be the case when it comes to fashion. There is something so frustrating seeing an image of something you like, and it not including a description of the item, what fabric is used, or the length of the item. You'll be lucky if it mentions the height of the model, and if it does, you have to try and compare the length between you and hers and you have no idea whether you'll receive a maxi dress or a cropped t-shirt. What's even worse is when there are no modelled images. That's a completely new type of game and I can't be dealing with that.

I have to agree with some of the reasons why @helloaycan doesn't like buying clothes online. #fbloggers


We all love a special offer. We are drawn to them like children (and me) are drawn to shiny things. You'll receive one of very many emails stating there is 20% off your favourite online store, you quickly add all the items you've saved into your basket ready to check out, but sadly, either 1 of 3 things will happen.

  1. The items you had saved in your wishlist are either out of stock, or no longer have your size.
  2. The items in your basket don't qualify for the discount.
  3. There is a minimum spend to qualify for the discount.

Major eye rolling moment!! I guess the saying "it's too good to be true" comes to mind. The same thing happens when you are offered free delivery once you've spent a certain amount. You'll ultimately end up making the decision to spend more money, but getting something for it, or just paying a little extra for the delivery.


You can't really blame the online shop for this, but when I see that a certain couriers company is going to deliver my items, I lose all hope in ever see my purchases. I usually expect it will be very late, or delivered to the wrong address, or have been opened, or not arrive at all; all of which I have experienced. Now I don't know much about couriers work but I'm guessing timekeeping is very important, like with most things. Some couriers text you between the time frame when they're expected to arrive, or you can even check what position you are in the queue. I know there's traffic and things can get delayed, but having to wait for an extra 8hours (this actually happened) because something didn't arrive when is was meant to is not fun.

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I can only compare this to the likeness of meeting someone in person you've only ever seen online; "Oh, you look a lot different online...", and so does fashion! Of course, the colours may look a little altered, I completely understand that, but when you have to double check that you've ordered the right thing, it's not great! As we all don't have the same figure as the models shown on the website, we just assume that getting the size that we usually wear is going to fit the way it's suppose to, right? Wrong! Once you've received your item you realise it either has 0 stretch, or that you definitely have too much breast for this shirt. It would be nice to have models shown in a variety of sizes to help us know how it's going to fit... I guess this is a whole other issue.


I've had to complain to customer services many of times and had some 5-star experiences. They've gone out of their way to do everything they can and even say sorry with a reimbursement in some way. That's the kind of customer service I like. I'm not expecting rewards, but saying sorry and helping any way they can is all I need. One thing that always slightly confuses me is that to make your business grow, you need customers right? Then why do they have such poor customer service? I'm not expecting to get a response straight away, I'll even wait for a week, but when you have to wait days and days for a response back and forth, it's just painful.

I'm not just talking about times when I've had to complain. I've had one experience where I emailed to inquire about purchasing quite a few items, but I wasn't completely sure about the sizing and thought I'd double check before buying as I know sending things back is a lot harder than buying. Anyway, I waited a few days and no response, I thought ok that's cool, they're busy I'll wait a little longer. One week, still nothing. I double checked to make sure I had emailed the right address, and I had, and what drove me crazy even more is that underneath the sizing chart, it says to email if you have any more questions. Well, they did say you can email but I guess they never mentioned anything about responding.

Despite my over the top rant, I do love shopping online, and still, do it all the time. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on buying clothes online, and any nightmare stories you might have.