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Monday, 16 February 2015
stationary high street wishlist
Follow Your Dreams Mug // Leather Personal Planner // Bow Paper Clips // Adhesive To-Do Notes // Gold Foil Wall Art // Sticky Notes // Audrey Hepburn Pencil Set // Washi Tape // A5 Notebook

At the beginning of the year, I was searching for something to help me keep organised and I came across a beauty of all planners, the textured leather personal planner from Kikki-K. Have you ever seen something so beautiful you wanted to cry? Well that's exactly how I felt looking at this planner; it's an organisers dream. It features sticky notes, stickers and a line notepad. There is also a video showing you ideas on how to fully customise your planner. Be warned though, the video will automatically make you put the planner in your basket. I am thankful Kikki-K isn't based in the UK as I think I would have brought the entire website by now. I got introduced to washi tape a few months back, and I can't seem to buy enough of it. They're great for the standard use of tape, but there is a world of new things you can use washi tape for. I've even seen someone cover their entire car in it! Art Box have a wide selection of tapes, but most craft shops do sell them too. You can never own too many notebooks so I am always looking for cool designs to add to my collection, and the Zhu II notebook from Ohh Deer features a quirky bear with a little bowtie. Adorable.

I love having inspirational quotes around my room, and the Sass & Belle 'Follow Your Dreams' mug is the perfect accessory for keeping your desk tidy. You can fill it with pens, brushes, or even use it to store your flowers. If you're feeling extra creative, you can use the mug as a DIY candle holder, and melt a candle inside. If you're looking for unique pieces for your office space, you obviously have to look on ETSY. Two of my favourite shops are Miss Poppy Design with a gold foil wall art print, and Dottie Rocks with a set of Audrey Hepburn quote pencils.

Let me know in the comments below where you like to buy your stationary from as I'm always looking for new ideas and shops.

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  1. I love buying stationary. I normally buy notebooks from Paperchase. They have such a pretty selection.
    Sana x