Blogmas Day 4: Naughty vs Nice | Top 5 Christmas Jumpers

Thursday, 4 December 2014

One thing that every person needs in their wardrobe during the month of December is of course the Christmas jumper. Over the years, the jumper has become somewhat a novelty worn by crazed Christmas fans. The Christmas jumper is like marmite; you either love it or you don't. To cater for both side of the scale, I have put together my top 5 Naughty and Nice jumpers. 'Naughty' being on the scale of "OMG there's 187 days left for Christmas", whereas 'nice' is "Christmas starts on the 25th December". I'm pretty sure you can guess which part of this scale I'm on...


fashion high street festive christmas jumper

I love Christmas and being as festive as possible, so I'm definitely shopping for these kind of jumpers. If you want to go with a traditional Christmas jumper, the fairisle sweater from Topshop is perfect, it's filled with snowmen, trees and presents. My favourite Christmas movie of all time has to be Elf, and this jumper from Boohoo features one of my favourite quotes! Of course I never scream this quote out loud whenever someone says Santa. There is nothing cuter than this jumper from ASOS with a knitted old Mr and Mrs Claus. It's even got a fluffy texture around her hair and his beard! There is nothing I love more than Christmas and crafts, and with this gingerbread man DIY jumper from Missguided, you can make your own, or as written on their website you can "express your elf." The jumper comes with a naked gingerbread man, which you can customise with a range of accessories. This slogan jumper from Pink Soda which reads "Santa, I can explain..." is something for you naughty readers! I obviously never need to wear anything like this... well maybe one year but Santa has forgiven me for that.


fashion high street festive christmas jumper

Now it's time to share with you my top 5 jumpers for people who's love for Christmas is a lot more mundane than others; I know you're secretly wanting to explode into a Christmas song on the inside! The December 25th sweater from Topshop it a nice way to show people that you're aware of Christmas, but you want to wait until the 25th to get into the festive spirit. The fairisle knit is iconic for the Christmas season, but with this pastel Milly fairisle knitted jumper from Missguided, you can express your love in a subtle way. This navy jumper from ASOS is a hidden Christmas jumper with these snowman elbow patches. This has to be my favourite from the 'nice' range! You can even customise any of your jumpers this way by sewing on a Christmas patch, which you can buy from haberdasheries. These last two jumpers are as un-Christmas as you can go; you kind of have to dig a little deeper to find the festivity. The fuzzy texture stripe jumper from Free People has a snow-like texture and colouring, and the embellished yoke jumper from Wardrobe can be the sparkling lights from your Christmas tree... like I said, you have to dig really deep.

No matter how crazy they get, I'm always going to love the Christmas jumper. You only get to wear them once a year so why not go crazy. Let me know in the comments below if you're a naughty or nice Christmas jumper wearer.

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