Blogmas Day 23: Nail Paints For The Party Season

Tuesday, 23 December 2014
nail varnish for the party season from barry m and models own

If you're anything like me when it comes to your nails, then you're constantly reapplying those nail paints; I just hate to have chipped varnish. It's a shame I can never get my nails to a decent length. It always seems like they're finally growing, then one breaks and the rest just give up too. Seeing as it's the party season, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite colours for the season. I never stick to one colour, and these are all such great colours to mix up.

barry m glitter nail varnish for the party season

The first 3 are part of the Barry M Jewel Glitter Collection. Rose Quartz Glitter has a clear base with pink hex glitter and micro holographic hex glitter. Pink Sapphire Glitter seems to have a slight pinkier toned base coat, with bright pink hex and micro glitter, and holographic bar glitter. They are both great to apply as a top coat, or layered as a light base coat. The last is Amethyst Glitter. This is a mix of purple, blue, gold and pink; the glitters combined make such a beautiful shade. This glitter is a lot more dense than the two above, so I wouldn't recommend using this on top of a colour, unless you want to layer it with a darker shade from the glitter.

I've found the perfect nail paint palette for the festive season with @helloaycan #bblogger

barry m and models own iridescent nail varnish for the party season

Now for the coloured base coats. All of these seem to have a tonal, reflective effect so they will work with the range of outfits you'll be wearing this season. Pink Silver Glitter from Barry M is made up of rose gold, silver and pink micro-glitters mixed together to give a sort of foil effect, which I love. Now for my favourite, Mystic Mauve from Models Own. It's part of the Metallics collection and is a beautiful pinky/purply shade with a shimmery silver glittered tone. Another one of my favourites is Indian Ocean from Models Own. I absolutely love their Beetlejuice collection, which all consists of four pearlescent colours inspired by the wings of a beetle. Indian Ocean is a blend of lilacs, silvers and blues, all such vivid and shimmering tones. I was going through my nail paint collection a few weeks ago and realised I never had a gold. Shocking I know, so I picked up Gold Rush from Models Own, again a part of their Metallics collection. It's of course very similar to Mystic Mauve, but it's a lot more creamier. Can nail paints even be creamy? Smooth, we will go with smooth. It's still got a glittered tone, but it's stuck to just the gold shades.

nail paints for the party season

Let me know in the comments below which nail paints you're currently loving this season.

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