Print, Pattern and Unicorns | November Wishlist

Thursday, 6 November 2014

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fashion high street wishlist november 2014
Houndstooth Cape // Utility Backpack // Sequin Peg Leg Trousers // Rhinestone Clamp Bracelet // Gold Tone Earrings // Doris Sweat // Butterflies Mini Skirt // Unicorn Clutch // Bow Back Smock Dress

I am loving metallic colours for the winter season as it just reminds me of tinsel and Christmas. Who else rates the quality of tinsel on its smell? You can't have Christmas without good smelling tinsel, and when you walk into a shop and the first thing you can smell is the tinsel mmm... I tend to go off on a tangent when it comes to anything about Christmas. As I was saying, I love metallics for the winter season and these gold diamond sequinned peg leg trousers from Topshop are my ultimate favourites, but they're £80. In my defence, they're completely covered in sequins, plus I didn't check the price before I fell in love with them. I thought love was meant to have no price tag? In the world of Topshop, it does. Now something that is more affordable is the utility backpack, again from Topshop. If you have seen the recent spring/summer fashion week shows, Versace had both clutch bags and handbags in the utility style. Instead of having your little bits and pieces on the inside, you can now have them on the outside, and you won't have to spend ages looking for it, plus it's a great excuse to buy some really exciting pens. Stationary gets me excited, okay.

A houndstooth cape and butterfly printed mini skirt are November must haves! #fbloggers

If you have read my recent post you would have seen my meaningful speech about my love for unicorns, so to celebrate this, I have added a unicorn clutch by The Whitepepper. It's such a great statement piece for the holiday party season. If you're a regular to my blog, and have read my previous posts, you will know how much I love smock dresses and my god, have I found another I am completely in love with. It's a bow back denim smock dress from ASOS. I just love how the bow is integrated into the seams, the way it just drapes so beautifully, and as if it couldn't be anymore perfect, it's available in petite! Both the smock and clutch bag are two pieces which have 'Aycan' written all over it! I'm not a huge fan of wearing earrings, I'd either have to be having an over-accessories day, or be going somewhere fancy, but I love these gold tone heart earrings from River Island. You have a single stud at the front of your ear, and the triple hearts sit behind your ear. It's something different, and it probably won't change my laziness towards wearing earrings, but it's something to add to my collection for those times I do choose to wear them.

Comment below and let me know what you are wanting this November.