How To Style For Your First Date For Under £100

Friday, 1 August 2014

For this weeks 'Little White Challenge', I have chosen £100 to spend on an outfit for a first date to the cinema. I think the easiest place to go to on your first date is to the cinema, you can get used to being in each others company without any awkward silences, or you have a quick and easy escape route... "I just need to go to the toilet". When it comes to the outfit, as it is your first date, you want to look like you've made an effort, but as it is the cinema, you don't want to look like you're on your way to The Ritz. The best thing to do is to show off your personal style which will bring out your personality.

first date outfit flat lay from the high street

As I mentioned above, the best way to dress for such occasion is to dress to suit your personal style, so for me, I have gone with simple pieces, with a lot of colour and print. The top from Zara has a white floral crochet yoke with a gathered drape body, which creates a beautiful floaty piece. To bring in the colour, I have added a pair of floral printed trousers from Jovonna, which is named "Liked A Circus Floral", but with the combination of stripes and flowers, this explains it all. I love the mix between the pure white and printed florals. The price of the two pieces came to £50.99 leaving me with £49.01 for shoes and accessories. The shoes from Topshop are a simple pair of mint green flats, which is a soft shade taken from the trouser. Choosing a yellow from the trouser, I have picked a small satchel bag from ASOS with a scalloped edges; a perfect size for your first date necessities. With £24.01 left to spare, I thought I'd glam up the outfit with a few accessories; a short necklace with a flower pendant from Topshop, a rose gold bangle set from Forever21, and a bunny ear rose gold ring from ASOS. Even though their is already a few floral pieces in the outfit, I have added a floral garland from ASOS just to add some colour to my hair. The entire outfit has come to £98.14. If I did have a higher price limit, I would have included a pale pink blazer, but I guess not having one is the perfect excuse to borrow his jacket. With less than £100, I have put together a fun, personality inspired look perfect for a first date.

I'm learning how to style for a first date with @helloaycan for under £100 #fbloggers

first date outfit flat lay from the high street

I'd love to see how you'd style for this occasion, so I challenge you to create the perfect first date look for the cinema for £100. Make sure you comment below with your links.

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