How To Style For A Wedding For Under £125

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Woo my first Little White Challenge! If you aren't sure what this is, read the full story here, or to summarise, I randomly pick an occasion and a price limit and have to create an outfit, with pieces from the high street whilst sticking to this limit. Week one has been very nice to me as I picked 'A Wedding Look' for £125! It's the perfect time to create such an outfit as a lot of weddings do happen during the summer. No-one wants wet hair and soggy shoes on their wedding day; think of the massacre... AHHH.

There are certain rules you should follow when it comes to picking an outfit for a wedding:

  1. No all black or white - A wedding is a happy occasion and white is reserved for the bride.
  2. Nothing too tight or short - This is a wedding, not a nightclub.
  3. Nothing with too many patterns and prints - All the attention shouldn't be on you.

You've got to remember the amount of photographs being taken from all those guests. You don't want photographic evidence of you in that short, tight leopard print dress do you? I didn't think so.

wedding outfit flat lay from the high street

With this outfit, I have tried to put together simple pieces which still creates an impact. The dress from Cos is in a beautiful sleeveless style in sky blue. It's a mix of light textured silk, which creates delicate pleats and cotton-mix chambray, to help fix the structure. The fit from the waist, flare at the bottom and wide neckline really adds volume to a simple a-line style. The dress is priced at £79, which is way over half of my budget, but the dress is the most important part, so I'm hoping/praying I can manage £46 for the bag, shoes and accessories. With such a simple and high neckline, you need a statement necklace. I have chosen this gold chain necklace Miss Selfridges with a geometric shape cut-out pendant. It was half price at £4.50. BARGIN! I love brown and blue shades together, (I think it's a more interesting take then using black or white as a complimenting colour) so I have gone for these mixed platform sandals from Mango. These were also half price at £24.99. With £16.51 to spare, I have chosen the necessities. The bag from Boohoo is a standard white clutch bag with a gold fastening, which costs £10. The accessories are a rhinestone ring set from Forever 21 and a gold bangle Miss Selfridges; they both just add a bit of poise to the outfit. Both pieces came to £6.50, which leaves me with 1p to spare!! It's such an elegant and effortless outfit, with a perfect colour palette for a summer wedding.

I'm learning how to style for a wedding with @helloaycan for under £125 #fbloggers

wedding outfit flat lay from the high street

I'd love to see how you'd style for this occasion, so I challenge you to create the perfect wedding outfit for £125. Make sure you comment below with your links.

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