Summer Breeze | Outfit

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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summer fashion outfit flat lay from the high street summer fashion outfit flat lay from the high street

I am completely in love with the weather at the moment! It really makes me want to jump on a plane and go somewhere hot, which is weird as it's hot here so I should want to stay here right? Enough of that brain puzzler and back to my favourite look at the moment. My personal style is feminine and I love putting together simple pieces but still mixing textures and colours. I think this outfit really plays with both of these factors. I love buying new outfits for when I go on holiday, but I hate not having the opportunity to wear them as much as when I am at home, so I have created an outfit perfect for a holiday away, but also for those breezy summer days at home.

summer fashion outfit flat lay from the high street

The top from Glamorous is a white sheer blouse with tiny bobble tassel trim around the sleeves and lace details on the collar points. The shorts from Zara are a textured cotton weave in a maya blue colour and has studded detailing around the front and back pockets. I love the mix of textures between the two, with the blouse being sheer and soft with pearl buttons, and the shorts being textured and having brass studs. As the outfit is practical for two different climates, I have added a sherbet orange relaxed shorts from New Look, with elastic sewn the bottom of the sleeve to create gathers. It's really light compared to most blazer styles, and great to wear in the summer breeze. The orange and blue just complement each other so perfectly; it's like a match made in fashion heaven. The shoes from River Island are a flatform heel with a peep-toe and cut out detail on the sides. I think you know me well enough by now to know I'm going to say I've added lace trimmed socks! This week they're a peach colour with little blue flowers. I'm not one for hats but when my mum brought this home after visiting my Grandmother, who brought this straw woven hat 40 years ago, I couldn't say no. I am defiantly one for vintage family hand-me-downs. It's got a huge bow at the front and blue gingham trim around the edges, which is very on trend at the moment.

models own juicy couture perfume

The bag from ASOS is a pink quilted mini rucksack in a burnt pink colour. It's a perfect companion to carry your camera for those summer adventures. The perfume is Peace Love and Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture. It has a floral, fresh scent, and just completely reminds me of the fresh summer days. I love the perfume bottle, which has a bracelet with pink tassels and the trademark gold crowned 'J' wrapped around the lid. While on holiday, you need nail paints that will go with everything, so I have picked Indian Ocean and Tropical Sun by Models Own. They are part of the Beetlejuice collection and are made up of four pearlescent colours inspired by the wings of beetles. Indian Ocean is blue with pink and grey hues, and Tropical Sun is orange with yellow and pink hues. They create a light shimmer of colour, suited for any outfit.

I'm learning how to mix fabrics and textures with @helloaycan to create the perfect summer outfit

I'm usually pilling on the accessories, but when I'm on holiday, it's usually really hot so I like to keep it light and wear enough to look like I've made the effort. I like wearing short necklaces with statement pendants that sit under my shirt collar, so I have chosen these little round spectacles from ASOS in a rusted gold tone. The rings again from ASOS, are a set of letters spelling out 'LOVE', which are embellished with little black flowers and diamantes. The most I would usually wear are two rings, but this set are just beautiful and delicate and create such a statement, plus, I don't think you can wear them separately unless your name starts with one of the letters or you are very good at scrabble and can come up with a word. I've added these two simple thin gold bangles from River Island, one of which is twisted, and the other has a hanging bow. If you have small wrists and find it hard to find bangles that fit, you can push them up your arm until it's tight enough, and you've got a lower arm cuff. There is also a close-up of the hat so you can see the bow and dingham trim. Beautiful.

Let me know in the comments below what's your favourite summer time look.