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Thursday, 19 June 2014
little white socks challenge little white socks challenge

I really enjoy doing style posts, where I take the looks from a celebrity, trend or event and use this as inspiration to create looks you can buy straight from the high street. As much as I enjoy doing these, I love showing people my outlook on fashion and how I like putting things together, so I have decided to choose different occasions or events and pick items from the high street so I can show you my way of thinking. While I was brushing my teeth that night (my best ideas come from teeth cleaning), I thought why not make this a little more challenging. This is where the idea of Little White Challenge evolved from. (Yes, I like to add Little White to everything!). Instead of just choosing an occasion or event, I am also going to pick a price limit on how much I can spend. This ranges from £35-£250, in £5 intervals. The themes range from first dates, sleepovers, garden parties, dinner with your family and loads more. To make it more of a challenge, I have written out all the prices and themes onto glitter card and will pick them at random, so each time I will have no idea what I'm going to be styling for, or for what price! These will be posted fortnightly, so alternating weeks with Little White Wednesday.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this idea and if there is a certain combination you're looking forward to me doing.

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