Speckled Egg | May Wishlist

Monday, 12 May 2014

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And I am back! I have finished decorating my room along with my blog! How cool is my new navigation bar? It just follows you everywhere. I've promised myself I won't change the layout anymore but I know that's easier said than done, especially when you just want to tweak one thing and then bam! 4 hours later and you've got a new logo, new font and a navigation menu that scrolls with you... Anyway, back to today's post, which incases you haven't already guessed is my May wishlist.

fashion high street wishlist may 2014
1. Smock Dress In Bunny Print - ASOS

I'm loving smock dresses at the moment, they have such an effortless look to them. I have gotten mixed messages with the print, some find it freaky, but I think it's pretty cute. Who doesn't love a cute bunny print all over their dress?

2. Multicoloured Effect Collar - Zara

I'm not really fond of chunky chained necklaces but I adore the colours of this collar, and the mix between the chunky chain and the delicate flowers. This will go great with a plain white collared shirt so it will really accent your neckline.

3. The Paparazzi Shoulder Bag by Anna Smith - LYDC

I love novelty style bags, something a bit different than the basic shoulder bag, so this is a completely new take on a camera bag, thought it's not intended for a camera. The front lens is also a front pocket. A great metallic statement piece.

4. Gingham Pocket Shorts - Topshop

Gingham is really on trend at the moment. These shorts are a simple tailored piece with angled inset pockets. A great transition piece from day to night.

5. Speckled Eggs Nail Paint - Models Own

I'm constantly wearing glittered nail paints, so this is a subtle version with tiny black speckles. A soft colour palette collection, really excited to try Magpie green and Duck blue.

6. Blouse With Plaiting Detail Panels - ASOS

I own quite a few blouses and I'm always looking for something a bit different. Anyone who knows me as a designer knows how much I love fabric manipulation in my garments, so this plaited detail panel blouse is something I would need and want.

7. Lemon Reverse Spot Lace Trim Socks - Topshop

I can't have a wishlist without lace trim socks. Most of the pairs I have are plain coloured, but these have a great spring colour palette and polka dot design.

8. Giggle Geek Shoes - Topshop

Topshop always seem to have a constant range of 'Geek' flats which slightly change from each season. A lovely mint colour which will look great in the summer and also with lace trimmed socks.

9. Pastel Blue Coinpurse - It's Not Me It's You

Anything with the word unicorn printed on it would get my attention but this is defiantly a great slogan and completely true... I'm terrible at carrying a purse with me but, this is good for small change and a few cards.

Comment below and let me know what you want this May.