Little White Wednesday

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
little white wednesday

One of the main things I enjoy posting about are my outfit sets. I love choosing an idea or theme and rummaging through my wardrobe mixing different pieces to create that look. This is where the idea of 'Little White Wednesday' came from. Each Wednesday I'll be posting a new outfit set based on a trend, season, colour/pattern or something which has inspired me throughout the week. This is a fun and creative way for me to show you how to style new and exciting looks.

You can also get involved! If you have an idea or suggestion for the next 'Little White Wednesday', whether it's an item of clothing, help styling for a special occasion, or have a theme in mind, let me know by commenting below, sending me a tweet, or posting on the Facebook page.

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, I am currently sitting in a pile of mess trying to clean out my bedroom, but I will start posting again next week. Posts I have coming up are Coachella inspired looks, and a review of my new and exciting Fashionary products.

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